Unintended Consequences

People can have the best of intentions, but the results of their decisions can be terrible.

A lot of problems are caused by lawyers doing their “thing”. One example is when George Zimmerman’s lawyers did not let him testify at his murder trial. You do not have to testify at your own trial, but he could have refuted all the lies about his role in the death of Trayvon Martin. Testifying could have helped George resolve some of his PTSD. The “Black Lives Matter” organization was started in reaction to his trial. A better presentation of the facts and refuting the biased assistant district attorney’s arguments could have saved the country much trauma.

More recently, lawyers (judges) avoided their responsibility to the truth by refusing to deal with the facts of the election by saying there was a lack of standing in many cases. Proper investigations would have resolved problems and lowered the tension in the country. Recounting the same illegal votes two or three times did not resolve anything. Proper forensic investigations were necessary to audit the votes and detect cheating.

When you go to a medical doctor for a problem, the doctor should guide you to the proper doctor, not just say you went to the wrong doctor. Regarding the unconstitutional acts of governors and attorneys general changing election laws instead of letting the state legislatures set the rules, the Supreme Court is obviously the proper venue and the court should have guided the complainants in how to have the right standing.