Our country has a history of profound differences about slavery, eugenics, and abortion. The issues concern the value of a human life. By not solving the slavery problem with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the issue was deferred until the civil war, costing many lives.

The Right to Life was left in the Declaration of Independence, but the sentences abolishing slavery were deleted. That was a compromise to get South Carolina and Georgia to sign on. Problems should be solved quickly and not deferred to build up compound interest in the costs of human lives.

Liberty carries responsibilities. You have the liberty to use a credit card, and it carries the responsibility to pay for it. You have the liberty to drive a car, and you have the responsibility to drive safely. You have the liberty to use your body, and you have the responsibility for the results of your actions. Why are there paternity law suits? You have the right to agree whom to marry and when to have sex, but you must be responsible for the results.

Intrinsic to the liberal worldview is to unhook cause and effect relationships.

On the other hand, moral living is to be aware of how life works and act accordingly. Morality is what works. How many people really strive to be moral, or how many just want to do whatever and not have to deal with the consequences of their actions?

Our society has a problem with people being considered “sex objects”. This is one aspect of what I call “Utilitarianism”, where your value is not intrinsic as a human being but for how you can be used, your utility. The intrinsic value of a human life is not respected when a police officer is killed when trying to stop domestic violence or trying to serve an arrest warrant. Police have been shot for stopping to help when they see a broken-down car. People who do not respect themselves will not respect other people. We need to instill in all people respect for themselves and each other.

When some people replied to “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter”, many people reacted in a very negative way. Sometimes the boundary between stupidity and evil is blurred. We should strive to come together and not be bigoted.

Abortion is not moral. Political negotiations determine how many gestation weeks will be the limit for legal abortion. That is a compromise; it is not right. Rape and incest are used as excuses for the death penalty for the crimes but target the innocent baby rather than the villain. Strict enforcement of laws and proper support of victims and adoptions would minimize the effects of these crimes.

I think that most people recognize that abortion is wrong, and that is why there is a big controversy about Supreme Court appointments. Even people who favor abortion admit that the Roe vs. Wade was erroneous.

Roe vs. Wade will eventually be overturned, just as the Dred Scott decision was by the thirteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court must be self-correcting, not limited to precedence. Lower courts can be limited to following precedence, but the highest court is where errors must be corrected.