It is common to say that you should not discuss religion, politics, or sex in polite conversation. These topics are very important, but how many people are competent to discuss them?

I highly recommend for the latest issues in the Roman Catholic Church. The name is derived from the terms Church Triumphant (souls in Heaven), Church Suffering (those in Purgatory) and Church Militant (church members on Earth, fighting evil).

The Catholic Church has been plagued with sex crimes. Not only have predators abused children but they have taken over the seminaries and the hierarchy and gone after seminarians, causing abandoned vocations. The homosexual problems in the church highlight the need for strict adherence to sexual moral teachings.

Being a priest used to be a socially-acceptable hiding place for homosexuals to be “in the closet”. This is now a very dangerous and expensive scandal for the church. We have an open society and people should go their own way and not corrupt the church. Unfortunately, it seems some people target the church.