I recently read that only 40% of Catholics believe in the divine presence in a communion host. Others think it is only a commemoration of Jesus’ words, “This is my body.” I think there is an education problem here.

If you agree that you have a mortal body and a supernatural soul that points to your body, then it cannot be too hard to accept that Jesus can point to one or more pieces of bread to bring himself to nourish us spiritually. In this world it is still bread but it is the spiritual presence of Jesus.

I read about an atheist physician who said he performed thousands of autopsies and never saw a soul. A simple reply would be that the soul left the body when a person died, but that is trite. The answer is the soul is not in the mortal world.

I am a computer programmer and we have similar concepts in programming. In the GCOS6 operating system we had IRBs (Indirect Request Blocks) in protected system memory that pointed to IORBs (Input Output Request Blocks) in the user application memory. An application used an IORB to make a request to the system and the system would validate then copy the IORB with the address of the data buffer into an IRB. This keeps the application from corrupting the system. After performing the requested operation, the system would copy the updated data back to the program.

A related issue is communion in the hand or on the tongue. Some people think only a priest can give communion and only on the tongue. Eucharistic Ministers are not approved by these people. At the last supper, I am sure Jesus gave out the bread to the apostles who broke the bread by hand and passed some to the next person.