Ask the Russians

When a colleague at Honeywell said he had lost a computer file, I suggested he call the NSA and ask if they had a copy of his file. This was decades ago. I was way ahead of the current situation.

When NASA reportedly lost the diagrams for the Saturn V moon rocket, I said they should ask the KGB if they could buy a copy from them.

When Hillary deleted thousands of her emails and Trump said a similar joke about asking if the Russians could find copies of the files in their storage, I recognized that as a joke, following my template but perhaps not wording it as cleverly as I did. Some people interpreted his statement as proof of “Russian Collusion”. He was not giving them permission to hunt in our State Department computers! He was implying that they had already hacked her unsecured computer. This misinterpretation can be a demonstration of TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It can also be seen as bigotry and confirmation bias and what I call “Flunking the Rorschach Test”, given random stimuli, seeing monsters that are not there. This is also an example of “MSM” or Maximum Systematic Misinterpretation. Always striving to make the worst interpretation of someone’s words and actions has got to be destructive to the peacefulness, intelligence, and mental health of the people doing it. It is not a happy life and is a downward spiral, mentally.