Capitol Riot

Donald Trump is flawed, but Nancy Pelosi is evil. Unstable Nancy tried to subvert Trump for four years. Trump has been stable enough to survive her attacks and achieve so much in one presidential term. What was Trump’s mistake on January 6, 2021? He expected the political demonstration to be like the peaceful pro-life demonstrations on the Mall and like every Trump rally. Misunderstanding the proper DEFCON level is an error, not a crime.

Check the timeline. The lead rioters went directly to the Capitol building. They did not hear Trump’s speech in which he encouraged a peaceful demonstration. They came equipped with ropes, etc. prepared for an attack on Congress. Trump’s speech listed the illegalities of the election: more votes than voters, dead voters, out of state voters, non-citizen voters, unsolicited mail-in ballots, lack of voter ID verification, bulk ballot creation, and governors and state attorneys general unconstitutionally changing election rules circumventing their legislatures. The courts must address the merits of these issues.

Trump and others did not anticipate that the demonstration would be hijacked by Antifa, etc. rioters. The people in charge of security have resigned in shame. They ignored intelligence warnings. Security fences are now in place but should have been set up before January 6th. We must fully investigate the criminals who invaded our Capitol.

What mistakes did Trump make in his campaign for re-election? In their first debate, he interrupted and argued with Biden instead of allowing him to speak, and he should have then talked directly to the American people, explaining Joe’s errors. Trump never said there were fine people in both the neo-Nazis and Antifa in the Charlottesville riot. He spoke before that riot regarding both sides of the issue about removing statues. This was an attempt to bring people together. Robert E. Lee graduated first in his class at West Point and rose through the ranks of the U.S. Army. Lincoln offered him the command of the Army. Instead, Lee joined the Confederate Army in loyalty with his Virginia roots. I would leave his statues up to focus discussions on avoiding such mistakes. The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor reminds us of the tragedy and the errors made by both the U.S. and Japan. Erasing history is not the American way.