Trayvon Martin’s Civil Rights

Trayvon Martin’s parents first violated his right to a safe, nurturing home environment when they got divorced.  Next, when Trayvon, with a history of violence, robbery and drug use, got suspended from school, his mother dumped him on his father, who was by then living with his new girlfriend. When Trayvon visited them, they went out for the day, leaving this troubled youth alone with her young son.

Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated by the Miami-Dade School District Police Department (M-DSPD). The police are supposed to do the following: enforce laws to protect citizens from criminals; keep innocent people safe and try to prevent them from becoming criminals; capture criminals, put them into the correction system for their own safety, and help them to reform. The statistics were poor for school-based arrests, so the police glossed over Trayvon’s offenses. The police had a responsibility to deal with the reality of his problems and not falsify their reports to make the statistics look better. Trayvon should have been in jail to prevent harm from happening both to himself and others. He was failed by the system.

This would be like a doctor not treating a homosexual male for AIDS because the statistics look bad. That would be malpractice and would make the doctor and hospital liable for huge lawsuits. The Martin family should have aimed their lawsuits at the school and police who let down their son. They should also look in the mirror.

George Zimmerman’s civil rights were violated by the malicious prosecution of his case. This was a show trial obviously intended to defuse the social backlash inflamed by race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The initial investigation showed George Zimmerman was telling the truth. He was attacked by Trayvon Martin who bashed his face and knocked the back of his head into the sidewalk. Fearing for his life, George shot Trayvon Martin. That is a simple self-defense case and does not involve race or “Stand Your Ground” issues.

There was no real dispute about who was calling for help. George Zimmerman was a bloody mess, and Trayvon Martin had only scuffed knuckles before the shot. Of course, the shouting stopped when the gun fired. Even the shooter will stop yelling when startled by the shock of the gun blast. The weight of Trayvon Martin falling on him would make George Zimmerman lose his breath. The Martin family members should have been charged with perjury for their lying on the stand. They knew that Trayvon Martin would not yell, “Help me, please help me!” That was not his vocabulary. Only someone being battered would be calling for help. People marched for “Justice for Trayvon Martin”, but his family was lying to convict George Zimmerman. Where is the outrage?

Much evidence was omitted from the trial. The prosecutors withheld or delayed giving evidence to George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys. The prosecutors should be disbarred for their violations. Trayvon Martin had a history of violence, specifically hand-to-hand combat, demonstrated by the way he attacked George Zimmerman. His friends who were listed on his cell phone messages were not called to testify about his fighting skills and tendency to fight. In his text messages, Trayvon Martin mentioned fights and how he bloodied one guy’s nose but was not done with him because he did not breed (sic: typo for bleed) enough. The prosecution argued that George Zimmerman was a “wannabe cop” who profiled Trayvon Martin and had “mixed-martial arts” training. Trayvon Martin, they failed to mention, was a “post wannabe criminal”, an experienced fighter who was acting like recent burglars. George Zimmerman was not fit to fight more than his own shadow or a punching bag. How could the judge let the prosecution lie about George Zimmerman’s background and prevent the defense from presenting the truth about Trayvon Martin’s background, especially after the prosecution delayed or hid the evidence?

On his Facebook page and on his cell phone, Trayvon Martin mentioned he had a history of drug use, specifically marijuana and lean (NyQuil cough medicine, Skittles, and juice such as Arizona Watermelon drink). He mentioned fights and one recently in which he lost the first round but won the second and third rounds. The fourminute gap in cell phone traffic was long enough for Trayvon Martin to go into his destination apartment and avoid the confrontation, but instead he circled back to jump out of the darkness and assault George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman was not told by a 911 operator to stay in his truck. He was already out of the truck when the non-emergency operator he had called said that this was not necessary. Many rallies protested bogus issues like this. Trayvon Martin jumped George Zimmerman, bashed his nose, knocked him to the ground, straddled on top of him, and beat George Zimmerman who screamed for help. As a last resort, George shot Trayvon Martin. George knew the police were en route and they arrived immediately after the gun shot. Neighbors called 911 but the police were already there. If George did not feel he was about to die, he would not have fired his gun.

The prosecution opened the trial with an inflammatory, vicious rendering of what George Zimmerman calmly said with resignation, about how, “They always get away.” That was the first hint that the prosecution knew that they did not have a case. They then produced witnesses that were so contrary to the prosecution’s case that I thought they could have been defense witnesses. In his opening, the prosecutor improperly “testified” with bogus vicious statements that were not true.

A criminal defense attorney must make the best case for his client. Quitting the case could be a signal to the jury that the defendant is guilty. On the other hand, at what point must the prosecuting attorney dismiss the charges when the defendant is obviously not guilty? This was a show trial that violated George Zimmerman’s civil rights. This was not racial discrimination. George tutored poor black children in Sanford. I think the government and the news media have moral obligations to admit how they fabricated an erroneous image of this case. It is amazing that President Obama continued the misinformation about this case. This was not a “walking while black” racial profiling caseIt was a violent attack by Trayvon Martin who profiled George Zimmerman to be an easy victim. Trayvon Martin won the first round but unfortunately took the next round in the heart.

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