I had arthritis in my knees for decades. I took a lot of Advil for the pain but stopped because it could damage my liver and kidneys. I did not want to have knee replacements or a stair lift. I was looking for a real solution.

A couple weeks ago I saw an ad online for AROmotion (Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics). See This was just what I was looking for. They use radio frequency ablation to stop the arthritic pain and stem cells injected in the joints to help the cartilage regrow. Three needles inserted into each knee area, guided by X-Rays, go to the nerves that get heated to end the pain. The stem cells are from donations of umbilical cords from Cesarean deliveries. The treatment took less than an hour.

AROmotion treats the joint pain without surgery. They “cut the pain, not the joint.” They treated both my knees on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, in The Villages, FL. They have five locations in Florida. This is 60 miles from our home in Casselberry.

Medicare does not yet pay for this experimental treatment. I was surprised that the cost is $4,000 per knee, but it is worth it. The processing of the stem cells is very expensive and is available from only a few companies. I will be paying $500 per month for the next 16 months, half our discretionary income.

I was warned that there could be some pain, but it was very minor. There was no pain or swelling later. They gave me some ice pads to put on my knees for any pain or swelling, but I had no problems. I did not need any pain medication.

They gave me some exercise instructions. I must not do any exercises for a couple of weeks. I have a Cardio Fit and a Nordic Track, which I have neglected for years. Symmetrical exercises will help to strengthen my right leg that had the most pain. I had been climbing our 18 stair-steps using my left leg. I now go up and down the stairs normally.

This is a very interesting adventure, and I have high hopes for the long-term results. The website is very informative.